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ProMark 3 is an easy-to-use, turnkey survey systems. All the required hardware and software needed to perform fast centimeter accurate static, stop & go, and kinematic surveys, as well as GIS/mapping, is ready to go, right out of the box.

ProMark 3 easily beats optical instruments in terms of portability and range. It is highly shock and water resistant, designed to perform even in the toughest environments. Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use and cost-effective, ProMark 3 is the must-have GPS system for post-processed survey.

More Accurate and 33% Faster
ProMark 3 delivers centimeter, post-processed positioning for accurate surveys as well as sub-meter accuracy in real-time for GIS/mapping and navigation.

Magellan Prism™ technology reduces survey data collection time by as much as 33% for a marked increase in productivity. Prism technology gets surveyors onto the next job faster than ever and also allows GPS survey under poor satellite tracking conditions. This saves time both marking points and acquiring satellites enabling you to perform more efficient surveys and get jobs done quickly.*


Enjoy the Renown ProMark Ease-of-use
ProMark 3 offers a user-friendly interface that capitalizes on the acclaimed ease-of-use of ProMark2 and MobileMapper™ to bring simplicity to every survey operation. The simple interface, intuitive software, large color touch screen and full alphanumeric keypad make deployment a snap.

Survey data processing is also made easy with GNSS Solutions™ office software. GNSS Solutions is a comprehensive package that provides all the tools required to successfully process GPS, GLONASS and SBAS survey data.

Reliability and Flexibility Surveyors Need
Rugged and lightweight, ProMark 3 offers maximum portability to virtually any job site. It enables larger surveys to be performed by a one-man crew with minimal moves and less operational downtime. Embedded monitoring, diagnostics and quality-control tools help make certain the job is done correctly while still in the field, further ensuring that no time is wasted.

ProMark 3's water resistant design and long-life rechargeable battery makes operation safe and easy . USB, Bluetooth® wireless technology and SD-card compatibility offer easy communication and unlimited expandability.
Available in 9 languages, the user interface can easily be localized for your region.

Expand your Service Offer with GIS
ProMark 3 offers the value of a complete professional GIS/Mapping system at no additional cost. Powerful yet easy-to-use mapping features include point, line and area mapping, real-time area calculation, offset measurement and data nesting.

MobileMapper Office software links the ProMark 3 receiver to the GIS database. Simply upload shape files and other GIS data to be updated in the field. Editing data and exporting .SHP, .MIF, .DXF and .CSV files is easy. Upload basemaps and vector background maps to the free memory or to an SD card. MobileMapper Office includes raster image support so you can use geo-referenced images or create your own background images to provide custom reference points.

*Performance values assume minimum of 5 satellites, following the procedures recommended in the product manual. High-multipath areas, high PDOP values and periods of severe atmospheric conditions may degrade performance.









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