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  November 08, 2001  
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Rebranding Statement

On December 17th, 1999, Efficient Networks, Inc. acquired FlowPoint Corporation. As a result of this acquisition, all of the FlowPoint products are being re-branded to be consistent with the Efficient Networks product line. This document will provide you with the information that you need to assist you and your customers through the transition.

 FlowPoint productsEfficient Networks products
Plastic CaseGrey (Looks like a Tan color)Black
Brand (Labeling)FlowPoint 144, FlowPoint 2200, Etc.SpeedStream
Part Numbers144-16, 2200-16, etcAll part numbers change. See chart below for replacement products
CablesPower, Ethernet crossover, Ethernet, console adapter-- No change --
CD pack FlowPoint brandedChange branding only. Same contents and form factor
Shipping container White box with shipping label on the end. -- No change --
Shipping labels

3.75" X 1.75" containing the following information:

Part number, Description, Serial Number, Date of manufacture, software version.

-- No change --

The part numbers will be different, but the layout will stay the same.

Memory 1MB flash, 2MB RAM 2MB flash, 4MB RAM

Version 1.2.3 through 3.6.1 +

Efficient Networks will continue to provide Firmware upgrades for FlowPoint branded products. These Firmware images will be built to specifically support FlowPoint branded products.

Version 4.0.0 +

SpeedStream branded firmware will contain all of the functionality of the FlowPoint branded firmware, and may also support additional features that will not be supported on FlowPoint branded products.

Support for FlowPoint Products
Efficient Networks, Inc. will continue to offer Technical Support, Firmware upgrades, and Hardware warranty repairs for FlowPoint branded products for the warranty period purchased by the customer. Specifically this includes the following:

  1. Technical Support
    The Standard Warranty provided with the FlowPoint products offers 90 days of Technical Support. Extended Warranties offer longer support periods. Efficient Networks will continue to support FlowPoint customers with their Technical Support issues while they are in warranty.
  2. Software Patches and Upgrades
    Software patches and upgrades will be made available for a period of one year from the date of discontinuation of the FlowPoint products (see chart below). At that point there will be a final release, and future releases will not be created without special circumstances. Software patches and upgrades for FlowPoint products will include the same improvements to the standard feature set as are provided with the Efficient branded products (for a period of one year). New enhanced features that are available for Efficient-branded products may not be available for FlowPoint-sbranded products.
Click here to view a PDF chart containing a reference for the new SpeedStream branded products and which FlowPoint products they replace.

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